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november 4, 2021

The Power of Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® by Lama Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden

Welcome to a three hour workshop with Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing, yin yoga and shamatha meditation teachings. 

We are honoured to introduce our visiting international guest teachers, Lama Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden from Crystal Singing Bowls Europe in Brussels, Belgium.

This workshop will take place at Oceania SPA on the 3rd of September over two occasions on the same day.

This calendar event, the Morning workshop 10 – 13 
(The Power of Sound Healing with yoga and meditation)

And another calendar event, for Afternoon workshop 16 – 19 
(The Power of Sound Healing with yoga and meditation)

Workshop Information

In this three-hour introductory workshop you will receive an extensive and immersive crystal sound bath healing with the extraordinary Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®. Shannon van Staden will lead you through a 90-minute yin yoga session enhanced by sonic harmonics. Having entered into deeper states of mind and body relaxation, Lama Brian Hilliard will then guide you through the practice of shamatha meditation for 45 minutes. This practice of developing peace is followed by a special long alchemy crystal sound bath healing that expands meditation into pure limitless awareness. This workshop is for anyone interested in getting a taste of the healing power of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®. 

It is especially designed for health professionals and those interested in increasing personal wellbeing. You will hear all about the bowls and there will be bowls to purchase if you are interested. Cacao, fruit and sandwiches will be served before and after the workshop.

Lama Brian Hilliard

Lama Brian Hilliard is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® Master Sound Healer. Lama Brian has studied Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism extensively under Tibetan masters and practiced throughout his life. He completed the traditional 3-year retreat and has taught in retreats around the world. He is a recording musician blending Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, traditional musical instruments and the sounds of nature. Lama Brian joins together the profound enlightenment journey of meditation and yoga with the healing power of crystal bowls. He has co-designed The Power of Sound Healing trainings with Shannon van Staden.

Shannon van Staden

Shannon van Staden is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® Master Sound Healer. She is also a Yoga Alliance teacher specialising in yin yoga, a meditation teacher, and Chi Nei Tsang healer. 

Shannon aspires to share holistic wellbeing to help you live your most meaningful life. She believes the deep healing of harmonic sound is ideal for the times we are living in. Shannon has established the Crystal Singing Bowls Europe Sound Temple in Brussels, the heart of Europe. She gives workshops, private and group sessions, and guides you to find your alchemy crystal singing bowls at our Brussels Sound Temple or live online.

To book

Please send us your information to

 Write your name and wish for one of the workshop times. (workshop session is either 10.00 or 16.00) We will send you a booking confirmation when we receive your e-mail.

Your seat is only fully confirmed after full payment is received.

Please note that we have limited spaces for a maximum 10 people in each workshop.


Workshop price per person: €85

We accept only advanced payment through Swish or Paypal to Oceana Gustafsson 
070 766 49 42.

If you prefer you can bring your own yoga mat.

We will supply all other props for meditation and yoga.

We are looking so much forward to sharing with you on this special day!

Warmly welcome,

Oceana, Lama Brian and Shannon


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